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Claiming Your History: How to Incorporate Your Past Into Your Present - Tracy Whittington I love idea books and Claiming Your History: How to Incorporate Your Past Into Your Present has tons of great ones! Taking lessons from her ancestors, author Tracy Whittington has discovered that even the little things - like giving our children ancestral names - creates a bond with our past. There are many creative ideas like designing and family trading cards at family events, having an heirloom shower for a new bride or creating a quilt from baby clothes. Tracy also places great emphasis on valuing our own history. As a family historian, I'm always wishing for a photo of this ancestor, a journal or some letters - something that tells me more about that person than vital statistics. The digital age may have destroyed the art of letter writing, but it has given us the ability to preserve text, images, voice and video easily and affordably. Tracy offers a number of ways to document our own history so future generations will enjoy discovering their ancestors' stories.Because it's a Kindle book, it's never more than a couple of clicks away and whenever I need inspiration, all I have to do is open the book to any page. The ideas in this book will keep me busy for a good long time.